Jewelry Repairs

We do all jewelry repairs in house. Your precious items are not sent to a random jeweler in another state or country. Our repair times are fairly quick and we usually have your jewelry repaired in a day or two. If you do not want to repair your jewelry we do buy gold at a fair market value. We can usually order or get you nearly anything you want in a day or two and are also able to trade for your new purchase (in part or in whole) with your old, broken, or unwanted jewelry.

Jewelry Remounts

Many of our customers have several pieces of jewelry that were inherited, came from a previous relationship, or is just no longer their style…or in style. These pieces of jewelry often have some sentimental attachments, so they often just sit in a safety deposit box or their jewelry box for years.

A few things you can do with these items are to remount the stones or sometimes just restyle them. You can also remount them into wonderful gifts for your children or friends. If you have a diamond cluster ring, you can usually make 2 or 3 sets of stud earrings and pendants as gifts. A narrow wedding band from a loved one can easily be reshaped into a heart pendant.

Michael is very creative and knows ways to bring your costs down and still achieve the results that you want! So come on to Rainbow Jewelers and see what we can do for you. Our jewelry store in Dunnellon is a short drive from Ocala, Inverness, Crystal River, Williston, Gainesville or Homosassa.